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  • Seek Your Summit 35: Overcoming Trauma: Healing Triggers and Reclaiming Control
  • Jenn Drummond
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In this episode, Jenn sits down with consultant, coach, therapist, author, and speaker Laurel Wiers for a profound discussion on the impact of trauma, the blurred nature of memories, and the power of retraining the brain. Laurel’s expertise shines as she shares her method for reprocessing trauma and eliminating triggers to enhance performance. From her insights on accelerated resolution therapy to personal experiences of overcoming fears and healing from trauma, Jenn and Laurel delve deep into the complexities of triggers and the brain’s ability to reframe memories. Together, they provide valuable perspectives and practical techniques for anyone seeking to overcome trauma and lead a more fulfilling life.


00:00 Introduction

01:32 Therapist challenges traditional approach to PTSD treatment.

03:34 Summary: People struggle with understanding and managing trauma.

09:05 Exposure therapy and brain science in treatment.

12:12 Recalling and altering memories to be positive.

15:07 Using eye movement to access and change memories.

17:53 Comfortable working with children ages 7-10.

20:22 Addressing emotional pain and seeking help promptly.

25:18 Woman witnessed accident, experienced strange sensations.

28:27 Ask your brain about past sensations, analyze.

31:51 Validation, acceptance, and release from past pain.

34:25 Reluctant acceptance of seeking professional help.

35:56 Triggers lead to resetting, text for checklist.

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