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Sexual Assault Survivor
Full Day Intensive

“I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for today! It worked! I even drove through the ENTIRE campus! Something I haven’t done since I was a kid and NOTHING!”

Complex Trauma Survivor
2 sessions

“I feel so much lighter, triggers that used to totally take over my mind/mood no longer hold that power over me. It’s almost unbelievable! This was an essential part of my healing, helping me in ways I have not been able to find otherwise.”

Domestic Abuse Survivor
1 Session

“I experienced many traumas from my ex-husband. I would have a panic attack every time I had to see him or be around him. After the treatment I felt none of those feeling, and it has helped overall with my anxiety. In definitely a success story… it’s amazing!”

Parent of Child Suffering Prolonged Grief
1 Session

“Since seeing you my daughter is sleeping better, she is back in her own bed, no more crying and can talk about him now! So thankful for you!”

Triggered by 9/11 Attacks
2 Sessions

“This is the first September 11th since it happened… I didn’t have anxiety. Didn’t even know it was today till an hour ago. It’s pretty amazing, thank you!”

Relationship Trauma
2 Sessions

“After undergoing the treatment, I was skeptical, but had nothing to lose. To my amazement, my severe anxiety related to a past altercation at a store completely disappeared. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with similar triggers – it absolutely works. I now feel like I have my life back.”

Athlete Struggling with Mental Block after Negative Performance
1 Session

“Before I would have been way more nervous, but I felt excited to play today… I felt so in control of myself pitching, and I haven’t felt that feeling in a long time. Thank you so much for helping me to enjoy the game again. I’m so grateful.”

Triggered by 9/11 Attacks
2 Sessions

“This is the first September 11th since it happened… I didn’t have anxiety. Didn’t even know it was today till an hour ago. It’s pretty amazing, thank you!”

CPTSD from Childhood Traumas
1 Session

“The following day was different than I had ever felt. I just felt safe, as if I couldn’t get hurt. That nothing bad was going to happen to me. It was a much different way of carrying my past. I knew it was there, but it wasn’t going to cause me harm anymore… it’s a freeing type feeling.”

PTSD from childhood loss
Half Day Intensive

“I didn’t have a panic attack yesterday and don’t feel as stressed. I feel like there is more room in my brain for creativity and getting things done… thank you for helping me, you have helped me in so many ways, and I am so thankful for you.”

A.G.- First Responder
PTSD from a Call
1 Session

“I’m doing awesome! I drove past the road (where the accident was) and the first thing I thought of was the “New story” we created and not the bad memory! Thank you so much, it feels so great to be out of the sad, depressed mode I was in for so long.”

PTSD from a Loved One’s Suicide
1 Session

“The session we did worked with those triggering memories… I don’t think about the phone call and the burial anymore.”

D.C. – Chef
Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor
1 Session

“I am doing awesome! Since the session, I was able to finish my manuscript. I was in a dark, crowded room at a theater, and I was not bothered, even with strange people pressed against me. I also noticed in a restaurant I was not worried about if I could see everyone or where the exits were. That’s pretty amazing! Thank you ! You are the kind and gentle soul I didn’t know I needed.”

PTSD from Childhood Abuse
Intensive Client

“Thanks for everything this weekend, it was incredibly meaningful. I slept last night! Today was the first morning I can ever remember not waking up with that feeling in my stomach…what a win that is! Just feeling much lighter.”

Delaine Fowler – President – Accelerate Therapy and Performance
Eliminated Triggers Affecting Work Performance
1 Session

“I can’t even thank Laurel enough for introducing me to the life-changing method. Laurel’s compassionate guidance and the power of her method have truly transformed my life. Before … past traumas were like heavy chains holding me back from achieving a specific goal. Laurel’s expertise and unwavering support made all the difference. What amazed me the most was how quickly it worked. In just one session, I felt a significant shift in my emotional well-being and my ability to engage in stressful activities without the weight of the past traumas dragging me down. It’s like a cloud lifted, revealing a more confident present and future. Laurel’s approach goes beyond mere healing; it empowers you to become the best version of yourself. By addressing those deep-seated traumas, she equips you with the resilience and tools needed to pursue your dreams and overcome any obstacle. If you’re seeking a way to clear past traumas that have been holding you back fast, I wholeheartedly recommend Laurel Wiers and her incredible ART method. It’s not therapy. It’s a journey to self-discovery and empowerment. Laurel has truly changed my life, and I am forever grateful.”

My Mission Is To Help You Eliminate Triggers & Elevate Your Performance

My Mission Is To Help You Eliminate Triggers & Elevate Your Performance

Transform Your Triggers & Trauma With Professional & Personalized Support